private coaching

personalized 1:1 coaching to help you succeed by knowing how to speak well


Made to help you blow your audience away in your next keynote, team meeting, panel discussion, interview, presentation, pitch, negotiation, podcast, media appearance or virtual engagement 

Single Sessions and Packages Available


Made for leaders seeking to become expert communicators who can confidently and skillfully thrive in any context

12 weeks
10-Module Certificate Program 

100% private, just for you


group workshops

hands-on, interactive, results-focused workshops designed to help your professionals excel in their craft

Sales Pitching

Developing Your Executive Leadership Presence

Leading Productive and Engaging Meetings

Upside-Only Negotiating

Persuasive and Inspirational Storytelling

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety and Communicating With Confidence

"Commanding the Screen" in a Virtual World


CUSTOM option (designed by YOU)

Create, combine, and refine.
All workshops are built to meet your team's specific needs and exceed expectations.


Schedule a call with Jordyn  to discuss your details.  

master the art

of effective